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1er février 2018

Defend the internationalists defending Rojava in Afrin !

The campaign to buy Celox and send it to the International Freedom Battalion in Rojava has been a great success. While it started during the battle for Kobane, it developed in such a manner that the internationalists were provided with Celox for the final offensive against the caliphate and in the long battle for Raqqa. During the war there were reorganizations of the internationalists in Rojava (with the appearance of new units such as ’YPG International’). Now, as the Turkish army and their islamist supporters attack Rojava in Afrin and the internationalists move towards this front, the necessity of Celox becomes larger yet again. We must finance, buy and deliver new Celox to the front urgently. Contribute to this campaign !

Défendons Afrin ! Défendons Afrin !

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